Security & Strength

Sunderland Marine is one of the world’s largest marine insurance companies, providing services to clients in more than 50 countries and across four continents.

The company ‐ established in 1882 by a consortium of ship owners ‐ is an established leader in providing hull insurance to commercial fishing boats and other vessels, as well as P&I (a special kind of insurance for the maritime industry), and aquaculture insurance for the fish farming industry.

Setting Course

Although very well established, the company was aware of certain weaknesses and inconsistencies with their brand across their multinational websites. They asked us to address these concerns and to look at restructuring each of the company’s websites, in a way that would be consistent, with greater uniformity and a sense of belonging to the same brand family.

Our developers implemented a centralised CMS using SilverStripe, giving the company’s marketing manager an easy way to keep their content up‐to‐date and on message, and they optimised each of the websites for its geographic locality. This meant that Sunderland Marine was able to reach the right audience on the web by introducing the most relevant and fruitful keyword terms searched for by customers in different parts of the world.

Sunderland Marine also saw no reason why the subject of insurance should be quite so dry ‐ and we agreed!

Web Design

The challenge for our design team was to make the website more modern and more visually appealing. It turned out that Sunderland Marine owned a portfolio of photographs showing some of the many splendid vessels they provided cover for and the locations in which they worked.

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Our designers saw at once the potential of these images to stir something in the imagination ‐ the imposing boats; the mysterious ocean. They further embellished the website with evocative illustrations to show key locations ‐ or should that be ‘quay locations’ ‐ where the company has offices around the world.


The images and the artwork together convey something fresh, with the company's purpose and principles ‐ 'strength' and 'security' ‐ wrapped in one tidy visual package. The website is easy to use, professional, and neatly‐appointed. It resonates with anyone passionate about a seafaring way of life.