A special kind of expertise

Our Process

Opportunities are everywhere in the world of digital marketing - but being able to reach out and touch them requires a special kind of expertise.

At Daykin & Storey, we follow a clear path towards fulfilling your requirements and getting you results. We put strategy in its rightful place - at the forefront of everything we do.

Planning, execution, and getting proven results all comes from the decisions we make and the targets we agree at the strategy stage.

And at the heart of it all is your content and social media presence - what you say to people and where you say it. We will help you find your voice by developing irresistible content, getting the right mix of social media, and sending visitors on a journey to becoming customers.

process strategy


The coffee’s brewed, the marker pens are ready, and our team is raring to go with ideas about how to grow your business. We’ll talk to you about your objectives, your brand, your market position, and what’s important to your customers. Before long, you’ll be thinking about your business in exciting new terms, as the possibilities take shape. These are moments moulded by digital minds, with business clout and creativity rolled into one.

A digital strategy is critically important to your online ambitions. It’s the foundation stone of everything you hope to achieve in a digital economy and we can confidently say that nothing can or will ever be achieved without it.

All you need to do is talk - to share with us the knowledge we need to make your business an enormous success. Our strategy meetings are more like friendly get-togethers in our lovely light-filled offices, overlooking the quayside. We’ll keep the refreshments coming, you’ll get inspired, and don’t be surprised when we start scribbling notes across the windows. 

You’ve got all this to come!

process plan

Plan, Do, Review


With your strategy firmly in place, we turn our attention to devising the practical measures we need to take to help you achieve your digital ambitions. These are the tactics - the troop movements, if you will - that win you the battles and give you the edge over your competitors.

The planning stage is where we identify the tools and techniques best-suited to your business needs, whether you require a website built from scratch, a campaign to improve organic or paid-for search results, an email marketing campaign, or some great artwork to revitalise a tired brand.

Whatever it is, our planning is detailed enough that we can deliver and tightly-coordinate our key activities - but flexible enough that creativity can breathe and changes can be made with confidence when the evidence is there.



This is the part where we unleash the forces of marketing, design and development and apply our combined brainpower to fulfill your requirements.  

Our marketing team develops brands, marketing campaigns for email, content, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, pay-per-click, remarketing and metric analysis using tools like Google Analytics.

Our designers take care of creative design, print (business stationery, exhibition materials, leaflets, magazines, books), illustration, animation, video production and website design.

Our developers work across software, business process and website development, developing apps for touchscreen devices, software-as-a-service hosted apps and a range of online projects: ecommerce, content managed, mobile/responsive or purpose-built and programmed websites on a number of popular Content Management Systems from WordPress to SilverStripe, Magento to Lemonstand.

We work in an agile fashion to deliver incremental improvements and lasting success - to get your project up and running, and then follow up with a series of precise, data-driven improvements.



We reject the idea that work is ever ‘done’. Projects are completed every day, of course. But ‘done’ is for people done learning, done improving - and we’ll be having none of that!

Once we’ve launched your website, brand identity, or campaign, the detailed work really begins. We believe in the power of iteration - rigorously monitoring, analysing and testing, probing for improvements. It’s something of an addiction with us.

There’s no guesswork at Daykin & Storey; no pinning of tails on donkeys. Everything we do is backed up by digital intelligence. We’re experts in a wide range of metrics and analytics tools, allowing us to monitor the performance of your digital assets and your customer journeys. We go into a forensic level of detail so we can measure the success of your digital strategy and make precision-tooled improvements.

We work in this meticulous fashion so we can report back to you in detail about your investment and deliver measurable returns, while keeping everything on course and true to your expectations. It’s about being absolutely clear about what we’ve done and how it’s worked.

process content


It’s true what they say about content being king. A cliché, perhaps, but one that’s difficult to dispute - and we can say for certain that the internet won’t be a republic any time soon.

So the importance and value of content is no secret - but what kind of content do you need and why? Content for content’s sake does nobody any favours. It must be thoughtfully planned out and executed, mapped against your overall strategy and the needs of your audience. Otherwise, you’ll produce generic content which people won’t read and Google won’t rank.

The strategy research we do into your company, competitors and customers is essential in helping us to shape content that is useful and usable for them - content that wins people’s attention, demonstrates the value of your services or products, and converts site traffic into sales.

There are half a billion websites online and a frightening amount of content. At Daykin & Storey, we don’t simply produce content ‘just because’. Instead, we develop content that serves the objectives of your business and the needs of your audience.

We give purpose to every Google search, every Facebook trawl. We have the skills, the expertise and the obsession to create gorgeous content that’s both relevant for robots and heavenly for humans.


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