The Hottest of Properties

North East-based manufacturer Halo Thermal Imaging knew they had some great technology that could help save lives in the fire fighting, marine and industrial industries. But it wasn’t until 2014 that the market place was ready for such innovation.

As new opportunities for their technology opened up, the company decided they needed to undertake a major marketing push and launch their brand to the world. James Brooks, who is the innovator behind the technology, contacted Daykin & Storey for assistance on this project.

Seeing the Unseen

The first step was to involve Halo’s senior management team in a series of three branding workshops designed to clarify business objectives, review competitors’ best practice and gain a deep understanding of the buying decisions and behaviour of potential customers.

What soon became clear was that their original working name of K2 Thermal Imaging lacked meaning and relevance to their target audience. By working together, and keeping the buyer personas and brand messages firmly in mind, we proposed and helped the client to settle on Halo Thermal Imaging as the new name of their business.

The brand is powerful in its simplicity - inspired partly by the radiance of the northern lights, with their signature beams and colours, and reminiscent of the 'hot' and 'cold' of thermal imagery. The name speaks of light, strength and an instinct to protect. It says everything it needs to about the attributes of the equipment - and a great deal more.

With the name agreed, we turned our attentions to how it would look and be applied throughout the business.


We carried out a complete branding exercise covering everything from colour palettes and logo designs to type fonts and tone of voice. The brand was then applied to a range of supporting materials such as business cards, product brochures, and email campaigns, that would support the new brand launch and could be used by the sales team when meeting international clients.

Web Design

We carried the branding across into the design and development of a new website that was in line with modern trends but still suited the B2B nature of their business. The site is fully mobile responsive, right down to the hot spots that highlight product features. It has been designed to appeal to the needs of their target buyers with the ultimate aim of generating quality enquiries.

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We have also set up appropriate tracking and analytics, so that Halo can clearly see which parts of the site are gaining the most interest and understand where their enquiries are coming from, as well as how much people have read about the company before hitting the submit button. They are also using Lead Forensics to see exactly who is visiting their website and support their sales teams.


Halo's love of digital marketing has been sparked. Options have now opened up, allowing them to leverage their online presence through targeted campaigns and quality content creation to keep driving the leads their site is already producing.

The Sales & Marketing team at Halo are keen to keep ahead of the game and are reviewing new technologies from Google, such as Offline Conversion tracking, which will allow the company to track its customers from first click online to offline purchases recorded in their CRM system. This level of visibility will help them assess which digital activities are most productive and result in the highest possible ROI, so they can optimise activities accordingly.

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