About Us

Daykin & Storey is a strategic digital marketing agency, based on the Gateshead bank of the Newcastle quayside

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About Us

Whether it is design, development or marketing, results are at the focus of everything we do here at Daykin & Storey HQ. A shiny new website that is great to look at it is one thing but if it isn’t providing results to you as a business then what's the point?

If it is a pay per click campaign or the development of a new website every decision we make is made with Return On Investment (ROI) in mind. Working in a strategic partnership with you means we are able to make your business better through marketing, while never losing sight of the things that matter to you and your business success.

Marketing that really works

If we were to say “CRO” would you understand what we meant? Here at D&S it is a phrase that is engrained in our DNA, it drives the work we do day in day out. Broadly put, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation) means getting more people to do more of the things you want your digital marketing strategy to deliver, be that online sales, lead generation, membership applications, a reduction in customer service calls or whatever action is most relevant to your business.

Visualise CRO as a digital chameleon, it adapts to the situation. Ultimately a conversion is defined by you, it represents what is important to your business. For us CRO is about putting our ‘buyer’ hats on and really thinking about why you made the product or service in the first place. Of course there's more to it than just that, but at its heart it’s a simple philosophy geared towards helping you grow.

Success is simple enough to begin with - all you need to do is talk.


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