About Us

Daykin & Storey is a strategic digital marketing agency, based on the Gateshead bank of the Newcastle quayside

 Good looking and talented with a great sense of humour, you say? Step into our office. 

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Our story began with the merger of two noted digital agencies - Azure and Virtuoso - run by the Daykins and the Storeys respectively. Azure designed and built; Virtuoso branded and marketed, so it made perfectly good sense that the two should become one.

The result is an agency which lives and breathes digital marketing. We have the perfect blend of youth and experience and a multi-disciplined team of marketers, designers, creative types and strategists.

We work with a range of organisations from SMEs and startups to PLCs, public and third sectors bodies, and membership organisations too. And we get involved in one-off individual projects, handle outsourced marketing on behalf of whole organisations, and partner seamlessly with other agencies and in-house marketing teams. Not withstanding the value added from being in partnerships with established companies like Google, Lead Forensics and more. For information on our current partnerships and the benefit they can bring to your business, visit our partners page.   

Our fascination with all things digital, combined with our refusal to never stop learning, makes us perfectly-suited to an industry where expertise gets old really fast and nothing stays the same for very long.

But as much as we love technology, we love people more. People are capable of some brilliant and truly bonkers ideas and we need to hear them. Our wonderful light-flooded studio provides the perfect setting for such ideas to flourish and for strategic conversations about your business to take place.

Success is simple enough to begin with - all you need to do is talk.


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